There are many different types of injuries that could affect those working in the healthcare sector. These injuries could affect anyone in this industry, regardless of whether they are nurses, doctors, or other such professionals. This blog will highlight the most common healthcare work-related injuries. These injuries include slips and falls, psychological injuries, physical assaults, and more. 

  • Musculoskeletal injuries

A musculoskeletal injury is the damage of muscular or skeletal systems, which is usually due to strenuous activity. Healthcare is not just mentally demanding, but physically too. You are often required to work long hours as well as potentially handle patients, too. According to studies, healthcare professionals are seven times more likely to develop a musculoskeletal injury than a person working in another sector. Nurses are the most likely of all medical and healthcare professionals to develop a musculoskeletal injury due to the demanding physical nature of their job. 

  • Slips and falls 

A slip and fall is an injury from slipping and falling. Healthcare professionals are likely to suffer from a slip and fall accident due to the nature of their work. It is physically demanding with often an intense time pressure to fulfil tasks. This makes slip and falls a more likely occurrence than in most other professions. 

  • Needlestick injuries, cuts and incisions

These injuries are commonplace in the healthcare industry, particularly for nurses and surgeons. This is due to how many medical instruments they handle daily, and the likelihood of an accident when handling them. For example, In the United States, 4 million healthcare workers are at risk for infection with blood-borne pathogens, and nearly 400,000 sharps injuries occur annually. 

  • Psychological injuries

Psychological injuries can occur within the healthcare industry. This is because nurses and aged care workers often face traumatic situations, which can lead to developing post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. Healthcare workers face intense situations almost daily, so the likelihood of psychological injuries, particularly over a long period, is relatively high. 

  • Physical assaults

The risk of physical assaults can occur throughout the whole healthcare industry but is particularly prevalent among aged-care workers and nurses. They can be exposed to acts or threats of violence, harassment, and intimidation, and this can, unfortunately, lead to injury.

Can you make a claim if you are injured at work?

If you are injured at your place of work, you may be eligible to make a claim. Anyone working in the healthcare industry should feel safe and protected at their place of work, and if they do get injured at work, know and understand the process to make their claim. You are protected while at work because of workplace health and safety laws. Should you have an injury at work, get in touch with What’s My Claim Worth today and find out the next steps for your healthcare workplace injury.