How Our Panel is Formed

Our legal panel is selected from leading experts around the country with significant experience across personal injury claims. Our experts identify only the best personal injury legal professionals to be part of our panel. They are assessed on their personal injury experience, as well as their customer care.

Only the best personal injury lawyers make it to our legal panel.

How You Engage an Injury Lawyer

When you find out what your claim is worth via our online compensation calculator, you have the option to pursue the case and access our legal panel.

A claims advisor will conduct a free case assessment to learn more about your situation and the particular kind of law it pertains to, allowing them to assess and handpick the personal injury compensation lawyer and law firm that is best suited to handle your case.

It goes like this:

  • Calculate your claim using our unique claims calculator
  • Set up a free case assessment with our advice team
  • Connect with the right lawyer
  • Pursue your claim
  • No win, no fee

What If You Don’t Like Your Lawyer

While our personal injury legal panel is handpicked for their excellence in personal injury law and client support, we understand that sometimes people can change their mind.

What’s most important is that you feel comfortable and are being well looked after. If you aren’t receiving the quality of service you deserve, or are unhappy with your lawyer, we will happily find you another one.

Check the value of your claim with our smart online calculator.