It’s compensation made simple, in just four steps.

Step 1. Calculate your claim

Use our online personal injury calculator to find out what your claim is worth. Your calculated compensation is provided to you in a range from lowest to highest potential payout to give you the most realistic idea of the claim value that you could pursue.

Step 2. Free case assessment

Once you complete the compensation calculator, you can be connected to a claim advisor who will create for you a free case assessment. Your case assessment ensures that we have the right information on your personal injury case and that you’re matched with the most appropriate legal representation for your situation.

Step 3. Connect with the best compensation lawyer

Based on your assessment, we connect you with the best lawyer and law firm in your neighbourhood to represent you for your particular circumstances. Our network extends across the whole country to ensure that you are looked after, no matter where you are.

Step 4. No Win, No Fee action on your claim

Our network of compensation lawyers all act on a No Win, No Fee basis (excluding defendant costs if the claim is litigated). This means that whoever you choose to represent you, they will be a no win no fee lawyer, and you will only be charged legal fees in the event that your claim is won.

What’s My Claim Worth is an independent claim advisory solution, with no bias. Our solution is simply designed to empower you to get the answers you seek, and the compensation partners you need to take action on your claim. No Win, No Fee.