As personal injury claims professionals, we have seen just how difficult it can be for sufferers of personal injuries to find clear, jargon-free advice. As humans, this didn’t seem right to us. Every person enduring the suffering of personal injury should have a pain-free route to getting the advice and compensation they deserve. 

That’s why we’re here. 

What’s My Claim Worth helps you to identify – and recover on – policies that are available to you in your time of need.

Who We Are

We are injury claims professionals committed to making personal injury claims a little less painful by offering you clear advice, free of complicated legalese, to get you the best possible outcome for your claim. 

  • We help people understand their entitlements
  • We estimate the value of your claim. Fast. 
  • We provide a free case assessment 
  • We connect you with the right lawyer 
  • No win, no fee. Always. 

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Our Claims Advisors

Personal injury claims deserve to be dealt with in a personal manner. What’s My Claim Worth has a dedicated team of claims advisors who take a human-first approach to find you the best solution. 

When you calculate the value of your claim with What’s My Claim Worth, you can opt to connect with one of our claims advisors to guide you through what comes next. They will: 

  • Set you up a free case assessment
  • Connect you with the right lawyer
  • Be there to support you while you pursue your claim.

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Our Legal Panel

What’s My Claim Worth works with a network of legal professionals across the country to ensure that your case will go to the best possible compensation lawyer for your particular case. 

Our legal panel is made up with only the best, brightest and most client-focused personal injury lawyers who all work on a no win, no fee basis. 

We even guarantee you this: If you don’t like your lawyer, we’ll happily find you another one. 

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How it Works

When you use the What’s My Claim Worth compensation claim calculator, you are opting for no hassle, confusion or legalese—just quick actions and outcomes. 

The path to compensation is just four steps: 

  1. Calculate your claim
  2. Take a free case assessment with our claims advisors
  3. Connect with the best compensation lawyer
  4. No Win, No Fee action is taken on your claim.

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What’s My Claim Worth understand the pain of personal injury, and we’re here to get you the compensation you deserve. Calculate your claim value here, and let us guide you through what comes next.