We believe that personal injury claims deserve to be dealt with in a personal manner. When life throws a tough situation at you, our national team of compassionate claims advisors are ready to assist you with friendly, unbiased advice and a forward focus to ensure you get the best support and representation for your compensation claim.

Whatever has happened, the What’s My Claim Worth claims advisors are here to help.

4 Stages of the Claim Process

Our claims advisors are the glue in the process, guiding you from inquiry to action.

Once you’ve used our compensation claim calculator to find the value of your claim, our claim advisors are here to help you through the next steps.

1. Collect information about your situation

Our claims advisors will gather all the relevant details about your situation, including the nature of your injury or illness, how it occurred, and its impact on your life. Collecting this comprehensive information ensures that a specialist lawyer can thoroughly review your file and understand how best to assist you.

2. Free case assessment provided by our team of lawyers

Once our claims advisors have collected all the necessary information, it will be passed on to a relevant personal injury lawyer on our team. The lawyer will then review your file to identify how they can assist you. If they determine a viable path forward, they will prepare to begin pursuing your claim.

3. Pursue your claim

Once you have been assigned a lawyer from our team it’s time to make your claim and go through the process of getting the compensation you deserve. Our claims advisors will remain available through this process to make sure you have the support you deserve in case you have any questions.

4. No win no fee

No matter which lawyer in our team represents your case, they will work with you on a no win no fee basis (excluding defendant costs if the claim is litigated).

Claims Advice For Real Humans

Our claims advisors are here to make sure that you’re supported every step of the way through your journey to compensation.

Hired for their expertise in personal injury claims, as well as their real genuine desire to make personal injury claims a little less painless, our claims advisors bring humanity back to the legal industry.

No matter what personal injury you have suffered, we have claims advisors with the experience, understanding and compassion to help you through what comes next.