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Personal Injury Claims

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TPD & Claims Through Super

If you’re suffering an injury/illness that means you can’t return to your previous role, or to work at all, you may be able to claim through your super, TPD or Income Protection. Or for a loved one through their Death Benefit.

Workers Compensation

There are many issues that can affect us in the workplace resulting in loss such as physical injuries sustained at work or travelling for work, falling ill at another worksite, and suffering the damage and distress of workplace harassment or bullying.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you’ve been injured in a car, bus or forklift, as a pedestrian, cyclist, or even been the victim of a ‘hit & run’, there may be claims for your economic loss, pain and suffering, covering injuries from whiplash to major physical damage.

Public Liability Claims

Someone else’s negligence may have caused you injury in a public or private place. There may be claims for you in cases such as ‘slip and fall’ injuries in supermarkets, parks or rental homes, or sporting injuries on council land.

Medical Negligence Claims

In cases of misdiagnosis, failure to warn, surgical mistakes, birth-related defects and injuries, you may be able to hold your healthcare provider, physio, doctor or dentist accountable.

Other Claims

From back injuries and animal attacks to road rage and smash repairs, we’re experts in helping you claim.

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