Hearing Loss Claims in Australia

Prolonged exposure to occupational noise can result in a permanent reduction in hearing, with effects typically being irreversible. If you have experienced occupational or industrial hearing impairment, you may be eligible to make a workers’ compensation claim.

Hearing loss can have a huge impact on a person’s life. People suffering from noise-related hearing loss often have difficulty hearing when there is a lot of background noise, suffer from tinnitus or have a reduced quality of life.

Am I eligible for a hearing loss claim?

Hearing loss claims, or industrial deafness claims, can be brought by current or former employees who have experienced unsafe levels of noise in their workplace over the course of their employment, and who have a reduced hearing capacity as a result.

These claims are made by a wide range of machinery and plant operators, construction and transport workers, and those employed in other factory or industrial settings, but there are no limitations on type or place of employment for hearing loss claims.

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What is my hearing loss claim worth?

Under most states’ legislation, sufferers of workplace injuries resulting in hearing loss are entitled to medical payments covering the costs of treatment and hearing aids, as well as compensation.

Your lawyers may also be able to claim for damages relating to the loss of employment opportunities, other travel or rehabilitation costs, permanent disability payments or various other forms of compensation.

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How do I make a hearing loss claim?

It’s important to visit a medical professional and receive a diagnosis as soon as you begin to experience hearing loss or suspect your hearing is impaired. You should also document the circumstances of your employment and actions you or your employer have taken to prevent hearing-related injuries.

Depending on the nature and circumstances of your injury, and your personal situation, you may need to lodge a claim with your state’s workers’ compensation body, or contact a lawyer to lodge a legal claim for damages.

Most states have strict time limits on how soon you need to file a workers’ compensation claim, but a specialist lawyer may be able to help even after this time limit expires. It’s important to note that the state you reside in may not be where you file your hearing loss claim.

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