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Navigating Medical Negligence Claims: Your Essential Guide

Navigate medical negligence claims effectively with our essential guide Navigating Medical Negligence Claims: Your Essential Guide.

The Role of Evidence in Winning Your Negligence Claims

Strengthen your negligence claims with the power of evidence in our blog The Role of Evidence in Winning Your Negligence Claims.

The Role of Evidence in Winning Your Liability Claim

Maximize your chances of success in your liability claim with the crucial role of evidence explored in The Role of Evidence in Winning Your Liability Claim.

5 Essential Factors That Affect Your Claim Assessment Outcome

Discover how claim assessment outcomes are influenced by essential factors in our blog 5 Essential Factors That Affect Your Claim Assessment Outcome.

5 Key Steps to Take When Filing for TPD Claims

Discover the essential steps involved in TPD claims, from assessing eligibility and gathering documentation to submitting the claim and following up for a prompt…

Understanding Your Compensation: The Role of Claim Calculators

The Importance of Expertise in Medical Negligence Cases

Explore the intricacies of medical negligence, including identifying liability, gathering evidence, and the importance of legal expertise in pursuing justice.

What to Expect When You Engage a No Win, No Fee Lawyer for Your Claim

The Role of Public Liability in Workplace Accidents: What You Need to Know

Unravel the complexities of workplace public liability: from legal aspects to accident prevention and seeking compensation.

Recognising the Signs of Medical Negligence: What You Need to Know

Dive into the complexities of medical negligence: signs, impacts, legal aspects, and seeking recourse for victims.  

Navigating the Complexities of Liability Claims in the Workplace

Dive into workplace liability claims: types, legal nuances, incident reporting, employer duties, and proactive prevention.

Calculating Your Claim: The Science Behind Injury Compensation Estimation

What’s My Claim Worth aims to shed light on the claims process, and we will do this in this blog by looking at The science behind injury compensation estimation.

5 most common motor vehicle injuries and what you can claim

What’s My Claim Worth aims to shed light on the claims process, and we will do this in this blog by looking at some of the most common motor vehicle injuries and…

Things You Should Know Before a Workers Comp Claim

This blog will highlight all of the things you should know before making a workers compensation claim. 

What Are the Most Common Injuries Experienced by Tradies in Australia?

Working in a trade as a tradesperson is no easy task. This blog will outline seven of the most common trade injuries. 

Can You Make a Claim On Someone Else’s Behalf?

This blog will explain the varied reasons that you may make a claim on someone’s behalf.

Is your workplace following health and safety regulations?

This blog will highlight if your workplace is following the work health and safety regulations, the benefits of these regulations, the requirements, and what you…

10 of the most common parental leave questions answered

5 of the Most Common Healthcare Work-related Injuries

This blog will highlight the most common healthcare work-related injuries. These injuries include slips and falls, psychological injuries, physical assaults, and…

Do you know how you can void your car insurance?

This blog will identify six ways that you can void your car insurance so that you are aware while driving. 

Your Rights and Next Steps After a Bike Accident or Crash

There are increasing numbers of cyclists on the road. However, despite this increase in cyclists, there is a distinct lack of available cycle lanes for them to use.…

What is the Required Duty of Care Standard in Aged Care?

Duty of care is the moral or legal obligation to provide care for others. In care homes, elderly people are reliant on their caregivers to provide a high standard…

What to do after a quad bike accident?

This blog will explain what to do after a quad bike accident, so that should you be involved in one, you know what to do. 

What to do if you hit a kangaroo, cow or large animal with your car

Unfortunately, wild animals in Australia can be largely unpredictable. That’s why drivers should always expect the unexpected when driving on the road, particularly…

What to do after a hit and run accident on the road?

This blog will explain what you should do after a hit and run accident on the road. 

What to do if you are involved in a road rage incident

This blog will explain what to do if you are involved in an accident that was caused by road rage from another driver.

What Should You Do After a Dog Attack?

This blog will outline what this plan of action should be so that you have the best chance of making the claim you deserve if you have been involved in a dog attack. 

Why are insurance claims so difficult to make?

The claims process can be confusing, detailed, and hard to understand. This blog explains why. 

Claiming Compensation for Occupational Lung disease, what do you need to know?

Do you know your rights regarding occupational lung disease? Read this blog to find out more. 

WorkCover vs Income Insurance: What’s the Difference?

Income protection and WorkCover are different products. This blog will explain what each product is, explain if you need both products and discuss the claiming differences…

Injured on a Farm? Here Are Your Compensation Options.

Workers in the agriculture industry are one of the most likely group to make a workers compensation claim. This blog explains your compensation options if you are…

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Superannuation

The most common scaffolding accidents

Jobsite accidents are unfortunately a recurring event and one of the risks you take when working on a job site. Scaffolding accidents are one of the most common…

Top 5 Driving Rules You May Not Know

Millions of Australians drive their cars every day. However, despite so many Australians on the road, not all drivers are fully aware of all of the road rules that…

What is RSI and can you claim workers compensation for it ?

RSI is one of the most common reasons for a workers compensation claim in Australia. RSI stands for Repetitive Strain Injury and suffering an RSI can have serious…

What constitutes workplace harassment or bullying?

This blog details what constitutes workplace bullying and harassment.

What is the timeframe for a TPD claim?

This blog will explain the timeframe for a TPD claim, what is involved in the process, and why it could be delayed. 

Workers compensation when working from home – Everything you need to know

This blog will look at the specifics of workers compensation and explain how it may play out when a claimant is working from home.   

Do you already have TPD insurance?

This blog will explain the basics of TPD insurance, the requirements to make a TPD claim, what you should expect from a TPD claim, and the steps to actually make…

What do the new superannuation laws mean for you?

Several changes are coming into effect with superannuation starting on 1 July 2021. This blog will outline what these changes are and how they affect you. 

The 3 most common injuries from working from home

There are a record number of Australians working from home right now. Thanks to the pandemic, almost 2.6 million Australians nationwide have said goodbye to the…

Do you already have TPD insurance?

This blog will highlight the different types of TPD insurance, as well as how to check if you already have a TPD policy.

Considering whether you are eligible for stress leave? Here is what you need to know.

Though they are harder to identify, stress-related claims are just as valid as physical injuries when it comes to workers compensation claims. If you are suffering…

How are workers compensation payments calculated?

This blog will explore how the workers compensation payments are calculated. 

Do I Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

This blog will discuss what workers compensation insurance is, whether your business needs it, what it covers and how the premiums are covered.

How To Find A Workers Compensation Doctor

When making your workers compensation claim you are entitled to choose your own doctor. It is important that when choosing your doctor, you pick one that you think…

Financial Tips to Help You Expect the Unexpected This Year

2020 was the year of the unexpected. While not all unexpected things are bad, thousands of Australians were left unemployed and unprepared financially by the effects…

Can I make a Worker’s Compensation Claim for Stress?

Everyone feels stress at work sometimes. However, if work is causing psychological injury due to the high levels of stress in your workplace, you may be entitled…

What is workplace bullying and harassment?

Are you being bullied or harassed in the workplace? Whether it’s verbal, physical or discrimination; no one should feel intimidated or uncomfortable in their place…

The 3 Most Common Work Compensation Claims

Between 2017 and 2018, there were a total of 107,335 serious workplace injury claims in Australia. Work compensation claims can happen when there has been a serious…

Accessing Super Early? You May Be Risking Your TPD Insurance

Earlier this year, the federal government announced that there would be special allowances to take out superannuation funds early, both for the 2019-2020 tax year,…

How much TPD Insurance do I Need?

TPD insurance can often be a minefield of confusing jargon, complex explanations, and a tough claims process. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. What’s…

What is the Difference between TPD and Income Protection?

If you have an accident and are unable to work for a period of time, income protection will pay part of your pre-tax income. Total and Permanent Disability insurance…

TPD Insurance and Tax in Australia

Understand the relationship between Total and Permanent Disability insurance and tax. Will the method that you get your TPD insurance impact your tax-deductible…

Do You Need Any or Own TPD Insurance?

When you choose your TPD insurance, you will be able to choose if you want any-occupation cover or own-occupation cover. What’s My Claim Worth hopes to help you…

What are the Most Common TPD Claims?

When you get injured or an illness it’s hard to know what benefits you could be entitled too. Total and Permanent Disability insurance benefits are coverage…

How to Avoid Bad TPD Insurance

Most people know that Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance protects you if you become permanently disabled and can no longer work. But there are varying…

Do I Need a Lawyer to Make a TPD Claim?

TPD stands for Total and Permanent Disability. Total and Permanent Disability insurance benefits (also referred to as disability insurance benefits) are provided…

TPD Claims for Mental Health & Depression

Most people know that Total and Permanent Disability Insurance provides a cash lump sum if you suffer a permanent disability arising from physical illness or injury…

5 Steps to Make a Workers Comp Claim

Workers Compensation is something we’re all entitled to if injured on the job. Yet, it can be a minefield of confusion and hesitation when it comes to making…

How Much Do Lawyers Charge For TPD Claims?

Total and Permanent Disability claims (also known as TDP claims) through your superannuation fund may be accessible to those suffering from an injury or illness…

How to Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Claim

When you experience an injury, it can be hard to know where to turn to get the best possible support for your particular situation. There is certainly no shortage…

How to Prove Medical Negligence

No one should have to suffer as a result of medical negligence, facing long-term effects because of someone else’s incompetence. Medical negligence is an awful…

How to Report a Hit and Run and Make a Hit and Run Insurance Claim

It’s awful to think that this information is needed, but unfortunately, hit and runs can and do happen. For whatever reason, on occasion, drivers in an accident…

New Laws 2020: Australia

If it’s not impacting your life right now, it’s likely that you’re not keeping tabs on law changes. For most of us, we find out just at the moment…

Should My Employer Attend My Workers Comp Medical Appointments?

If you have been injured at work and need to seek Workers Compensation, you must know your rights. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for employers to try and…

When Should I Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer?

For those who have been injured at work, knowing when to hire a workers comp lawyer can be tricky. In many workplace injury scenarios, your employer will do all…

What’s the difference between a lawyer, solicitor, barrister and attorney?

Legal roles can be complicated to people outside of the legal world. Many legal professional roles cross over some responsibilities or abilities, making it all the…