Stress at Work

Everyone feels stressed at work sometimes. However, if you’ve suffered a psychological injury due to stress caused by an unsafe workplace, unreasonable work demands or other employment conditions, you may be entitled to a workers’ compensation claim.

Do I have a claim?

Whether you’re a current or former full-time, part-time or temporary employee or subcontractor, you are eligible for workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation extends to work-related stress injuries, including PTSD, which are caused or aggravated by your employment. This can include stress resulting from workplace conflict with another employee or your employer, sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination at work, or exposure to traumatic or stress-inducing experiences or demands.

You may be entitled to compensation whether your employer is at fault or not, and there are several different legal and administrative pathways available to you. Your state’s workers’ compensation body will provide one avenue. What’s My Claim Worth’s expert advisors can help you understand the process and any alternatives, document your injury and circumstances and connect you with the right lawyer to pursue the compensation you’re entitled to.

How do I make a claim?

Stress-related workers’ compensation claims must result in documented injury in order to be successful, so you will need to receive a diagnosis and certification from a medical professional in order to proceed.

It’s important to also document the conditions which caused the injury. In cases of psychological injury, which often occur over time and can be complex, a clear record of events is essential. Keep your own documents even if your employer maintains a separate process, but be sure to report your stress to your employer.

Make sure you also keep receipts from all treatment-related expenses, including travel costs, which can be recompensed later.

As psychological injuries, including stress-related injuries, can be more complex cases, it’s advisable to seek legal advice to determine your personal pathway.

Whether you choose to lodge through your state’s workers’ compensation scheme, such as icare in NSW or WorkSafe in Victoria, you to pursue compensation through another avenue, What’s My Claim Worth’s expert claims and legal advisors can assist you to understand the process, empower you to choose the best option and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

How much is my claim worth?

What’s My Claim Worth’s claims advisors can help you to understand the value of your claim, as well as your eligibility to claim. With our guidance in hand, we can connect you with the best legal professionals across Australia to handle your workplace stress injury claim. Our No Win, No Fee guarantee (excluding defendant costs if the claim is litigated) means you’re free to choose the option that’s right for you, without worrying about whether you can afford to.