What’s My Claim Worth partners with law firms throughout New South Wales who specialise in Public Liability claims. Our legal panel can investigate your entitlements for compensation through Public Liability claims covering loss of income, medical expenses and pain and suffering compensation. We help people just like you to move through the process of pursuing your Public Liability claim – No Win, No Fee.

Public Liability Claims we can help you with:

  • Loss of income compensation
  • Compensation for medical costs and at-home care
  • Pain and suffering compensation.

When you suffer a no-fault injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, it can be hard to know what you’re entitled to and what sort of claim you should pursue. Public Liability claims include common situations, such as when injuries are sustained:

  • In a supermarket
  • In a retail outlet or shopping centre
  • In a park or sporting ground
  • From falling in a public place
  • During recreational activities in a public place
  • Through aviation and boating activities
  • Through physical assault
  • Through animal attacks
  • At a schoolyard
  • At amusement parks

When these trying situations occur, What’s My Claim Worth is here to help guide you on the best path to seek the compensation you deserve. We exist to support you through this process.What’s My Claim Worth has a network of Public Liability claims lawyers available to represent your cases. Our network of Public Liability lawyers can assist you in making the right claim and will guide you through every stage in pursuit of your claim.

Calculate Your Public Liability Claim Now

To pursue a claim, it helps to know what it’s worth. What’s My Claim Worth gives you that information, based on the information you provide about your incident, insurance, claim details, and other information. Providing a worst-case to best-case value range, What’s My Claim Worth helps you get the clarity you need to pursue your Public Liability claim.

With your supplied information, our claims advisors will also analyse other claim types to make sure you’re notified if there is more you’re eligible for.

No Win, No Fee

Through the use of our public liability compensation calculator, you will be recommended to pass your details onto our network of public liability legal specialists to pursue your case. If you choose to engage one of our Public Liability lawyers, you can be certain that they will act on a no win-no fee basis (excluding defendant costs if the claim is litigated).