Jobsite accidents are unfortunately a recurring event and one of the risks you take when working on a job site. Scaffolding accidents are one of the most common reasons in Australia for a job-site accident. Anyone working on a site with scaffolding should be made aware of the most common risk factors associated with scaffolding and how to avoid them. This blog will explain how accidents from scaffolding occur, what injuries will likely arise from these accidents, how the accidents can be avoided, and what claims you can make should you be involved in a scaffolding accident that wasn’t your fault. 

How do accidents from scaffolding occur? 

There are many ways for accidents to occur when working with scaffolding. These include: 

  • Injuries due to falls from the scaffolding,
  • Injuries caused by objects falling from scaffolding, 
  • Injuries caused by slips or trips on the scaffolding, 
  • And injuries caused by scaffolding collapse. 

What injuries are likely to arise from a scaffolding accident? 

There are all sorts of injuries that could occur from a scaffolding accident. These may vary in severity but often result in the victim being unable to return to work for a period of time if they can return to work at all. Such injuries include:

  • Spinal cord injuries including paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken or dislocated bones
  • Severe lacerations or punctures
  • Loss of or damage to a bodily organ
  • Significant disfigurement
  • Amputations

How can accidents involving scaffolding be avoided? 

It is possible to avoid a scaffolding accident. Like in all areas of job site safety, taking appropriate precautions and maintaining proper safeguards is important. There is a serious need for regular safety inspections when maintaining scaffolding. Maintenance of scaffolding includes the material, using handrails, and correct assembly at all times. Further, those that build scaffolding need to be correctly certified and trained, as well as those that continue to use it. 

Can you make a workers compensation claim for a scaffolding accident? 

You are likely eligible for a scaffolding accident claim if you were a victim in an accident involving scaffolding that wasn’t your fault. For further information on this, please visit our scaffolding claims page.