You are entitled to workers compensation if you are injured at work or if you are on your way to and from work at the time of injury. There are several things you should be aware of when making your workers compensation claim, like time-frames for reporting the claim, the details of the claim, advice for the claim, and what your options are if you are rejected for your claim. This blog will highlight all of the things you should know before making a workers compensation claim. 

Report the injury as soon as possible

There are specific time frames that you should follow when making a workers compensation claim. It is important to report your injury to your employer as soon as possible, as well as keeping thorough records of any incident reports that are filed, as well as any communications that you have about the event. Some states have time frames as to when you can and should file your report, but in any case, the sooner you make this report, the sooner your claims process can begin. 

Provide accurate and thorough details 

When you make a workers compensation claim, you are required to have medical evidence and approval to support your claim. When you go to see your GP following a workplace injury it is therefore crucial that you provide as much detail as possible surrounding your injury and how it occurred. It does not matter if you do not think these details are relevant or necessary; every little detail will help to support your workers compensation claim. If you require any time off work as a result of your injury you should ask your doctor for a WorkCover certificate. 

Get advice before making statements

Making a workers compensation claim can be a challenge. Any person making a workers compensation claim should be wary of making claims to a WorkCover investigator without legal advice, as this can potentially hinder your ability to make a successful claim. You are under no legal obligation to answer any questions made by a WorkCover investigator. 

Know your options if rejected

Your workers compensation claim might be rejected. If this is the case, you are entitled to a free conciliation service that will attempt to settle your dispute before any further escalation. Legal fees might be a daunting prospect, but WMCW always offers a no-win, no-fee policy – this means you are safe to explore your options. 

Can you make a claim if you are injured at work?

Yes. Workers have the right to go to work and be protected from illness, injury, or harm. If you have been injured at work and you want to see your options, give our expert claims advisors at WMCW a call or read our Compensation Services for more information.