Military Compensation Claims

If you have been injured or seriously abused while serving in the Australian military, you may be entitled to seek a military compensation claim for your suffering.

You may have the right to seek compensation or veterans’ entitlements whether you are a current or former serving member, full-time or reservist ADF personnel, an ADF Cadet or instructor, or Australian Federal Police officer on overseas deployment. Civilians involved in service-related activities are also eligible, and dependents can also make claims in some circumstances.

Injuries and abuse sustained in warlike, non-warlike and peacetime service are all covered, and can include physical injury, sexual abuse or serious bullying and harassment.

How do I make a military compensation claim?

Depending on the nature of your claim and your personal circumstances, you may have several options for lodging a claim with different rules, laws and payments applicable. There are many schemes governing military compensation claims, on top of superannuation and personal insurance policies.

Many claimants feel overwhelmed navigating the complex processes required by Defence, Veterans’ Affairs, and other Commonwealth bodies, particularly while undergoing their rehabilitation from injury or abuse. The system is designed to assist claimants, but at times it may not feel like it.

What’s My Claim Worth compensation specialists can support you in understanding the value of your claim, the different legislative and administrative rules it falls under and the pathways available to you. Our experts can connect you with a specialist compensation lawyer who is right for you and your circumstances.

Do I need a military compensation lawyer?

What’s My Claim Worth partners with law firms throughout Australia that specialise in military compensation cases. Our experts can explain the process in clear terms, and empower you to claim for the injury or abuse you have suffered. We have a proven track record for helping Australians receive compensation, and we back that up with our No Win, No Fee guarantee.

Military compensation claims we can help with include, but are not limited to:

  • Injuries sustained in the course of deployment
  • Workplace injuries sustained by ADF personnel
  • Non-consensual sexual acts including rape, sexual contact and initiation ceremonies
  • Serious physical abuse including bashings, beatings and injury caused by bastardisation
  • Psychological injury caused as a result of serious abuse.

We help you to achieve the financial security you’re entitled to for the suffering you have endured while serving by pursuing compensation for pain and suffering, financial losses and medical expenses.

What is my military compensation claim worth?

What’s My Claim Worth’s claim specialists can help you understand what your military compensation claim is worth. Taking into account your case information, including your age at the time of the injury or abuse, the frequency and extent of the injury, we can provide you with an estimated claim range. What you receive is a lowest-to-highest range of your claim value, which is based on the information you provide.

With this information, we can also let you know if there are other claims that you could pursue.

No Win, No Fee

Once our claims specialists have helped you understand the value of your military compensation claim and the options available to you, we can connect you with a panel of expert lawyers who specialise in claims similar to yours. Not only can they help you seek the compensation you deserve, but they do this under a No Win, No Fee guarantee.