We believe that personal injury should be made a little less painful with unbiased, independent advice and a broad network of legal professionals and claims advisors to get you the right information, guidance and action for your case.

Personal Injury Claims Barwon South West

From the tip of the Queenscliff Heads, all the way to the border of South Australia, What’s My Claim Worth has a network of legal professionals to help you get the compensation you deserve in Barwon South West.

If you’ve suffered an injury or psychological distress at the hands of someone else, you may be entitled to seek compensation. Under the Limitations of Actions Act of 1958, any claims must be made within three years of learning about your injury, and no more than 12 years since the accident occurred.

Our Barwon South West personal injury legal panel is here to help investigate — and act on — your personal injury case.

What’s My Claim Worth

Money can’t take away your trauma, but it can help to ease the stress of the financial burden that comes with personal injury. No person should have to face financial stress as a result of an accident that was not their fault.

Personal injury compensation can help you to cover medical expenses, loss of income and other unforeseen expenses in your time of need.

What’s My Claim Worth help you with easy access to unbiased information. We can tell you the value range of your claim, and we can connect you to the best legal support to take on your personal injury case, no matter where you are in the Barwon South West region.

What Kind of Personal Injury Claims Are Covered

As a region with bustling industry in tourism, agriculture and more, the needs of Barwon South West residents are unique. Our legal network in this area understands the dynamics of the region and covers a broad range of legal areas, including:

  • Public Liability Claims
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Claims
  • Medical Negligence Claims
  • TPD and Insurance Claims
  • Other Claims

How to Get the Compensation You Deserve

  1. Calculate Your Claim
    The first step to pursuing your personal injury claim is to learn the value of your claim. Our compensation claim calculator will give you this insight, using the information you supply about your injury and your case to provide you with a worst-case to best-case value range.
  2. Free Case Assessment
    Once you know the value of your claim, you can choose to connect with a claims advisor who will set you up with a free case assessment to identify any other claims you may be entitled to and assess which lawyer is best suited to take your case.
  3. Engage Your Lawyer. Risk-Free
    If you decide to work with one of our personal injury legal professionals, your claims advisor will remain available to support you and ensure that you like your lawyer. If you don’t, we can find you a new one.
  4. No Win, No Fee Guarantee
    No matter who you work with in our network, each solicitor will work on a no win no fee bases (excluding defendant costs if the claim is litigated). This means you will not be charged until your claim is won.

Find out how much your personal injury compensation claim is worth. Try our claim calculator.