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What’s My Claim Worth Scholarship Grant

Entries are closed for 2021/22. Judging will be completed by our expert panel of judges over the coming weeks. The winner of the scholarship will be contacted by phone.

The What’s My Claim Worth team are passionate about supporting the next generation of Australian legal professionals. That’s why we offer an annual scholarship grant to promising students who are pursuing a career in law.

The selected candidate will receive a $5000 grant, plus the opportunity to clarify their goals and have their work critiqued by the experienced legal panel at What’s My Claim Worth. It’s our way of mentoring the emerging legal talent that will go on to help injured or financially distressed Australians, just as we do everyday.

Scholarship Submission Form

Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time law degree or diploma at an Australian tertiary education institution, with at least one year left to complete the course.

A $5000 one off payment will be awarded to the successful candidate, which can go toward study expenses or opportunities that help the student achieve their full potential (e.g. travel, resources, or professional events).

All applications must include

  • Your contact information (name, address, email, and phone number).
  • Details of your course and academic institution, plus a brief description of your field of study.
  • A copy of your academic transcript.
  • Your application statement: a 300-600 word statement explaining why you deserve the scholarship and how it would uniquely benefit you. Consider for example the positive community changes you aim to make (or have made already), challenges you have overcome, or the ability of the grant to give you a previously unavailable opportunity – such as travel or a conference.

All applications will be assessed by an expert panel of injury claims professionals who are invested in nurturing new legal talent. Applications will be judged based on their creativity, individuality, language, and the potential opportunity afforded to the student by the grant. Academic performance may also be considered.

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