Often when working on farms or in rural areas, it’s mandatory that you are able to drive a quad bike or motorbike with confidence. This is because they are lightweight and relatively fast, so easy to navigate dirt roads, fields, and areas that a truck can’t reach. However, because of this lighter weight, these types of vehicles can typically be more dangerous, too. This blog will explain what to do after a quad bike accident, so that should you be involved in one, you know what to do. 

What are the most common quad bike accidents?

The following list is the most common forms of farm vehicle accidents:

  • Rollovers; when a vehicle turns over on its roof or side the car accident is considered a rollover.
  • Collisions; when a vehicle collides with another vehicle. 
  • Crushing accidents; A crush injury or accident occurs when a body part is subjected to a high degree of force or pressure, usually after being squeezed between two heavy objects like two vehicles.
  • Falls and dislodgements; when a person falls off the quadbike, potentially causing themselves and the quadbike damage. 
  • Tipping accidents (eg. too much weight on one side)

What are the most common reasons for an accident?  

The following list is the most common reasons for farm vehicle accidents:

  • Rider inexperience – few riders are properly trained;
  • Rough, steep, sloping, or obscure terrain where dangers such as big potholes, sudden drops, obstructions, mud, or similar hazards, are difficult for the rider to see and safely respond to.
  • Poor weather conditions (heat, rain, mud, etc);
  • Recreational quad bike riders often ‘push the limits’ and ride fast and/or dangerously in the pursuit of enjoyment. Quad bike riders often take more risks than drivers of other vehicles (eg a car or truck on the road);
  • Quad bike riders often feel that they are not bound by normal road rules or safety guidelines and are free to speed, attempt jumps/manoeuvres, drive dangerously, or drive whilst intoxicated, without any risk of penalty or police intervention.
  • Minors over 8 years old are permitted to ride quad bikes despite not always having the faculty, maturity or experience to ride safely.
  • Those working with quad bikes often tow a load behind them (eg material, chemicals) which increases the risk of tipping and rollovers.
  • Quad bike riders who carry passengers are at greater risk of having an accident;
  • Dangers associated with riding up or down slopes, near track edges/cliffs;
  • Poor quad bike maintenance;
  • Lack of predetermined safety rules and a pre-ride safety inspection.

What kind of compensation claims can you make for a quad bike incident? 

Depending on the cause of your quad bike accident, you may be eligible for compensation. However, there are different forms of compensation available to you, depending on where you were injured when the accident happened. This includes:

  • Workers Compensation Claims, for those injured at work in the course of their work duties; 
  • Motor Vehicle Compensation Claims, for those injured in a motor accident due to the negligence of another; 
  • Public Liability Compensation Claims, for those injured on someone else’s property, during a private/paid quad bike tour, on a public track, by a third party, or similar, due to the negligence of another; 
  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Claims, for those with TPD insurance (inside or outside of the super) who are unable to return to work (or their pre-accident work) as a result of the injuries suffered;
  • Breach of contract claims, for those who are injured whilst quad bike riding as part of a paid/ professional quad bike riding tour/recreation park due to that business’s negligence (eg. failing to reasonably provide safe quad bike tour services).
  • Product Liability Claims, for those who are injured due to a faulty product (eg faulty quad bike, or mechanism on the quad bike).

How to make a compensation claim for your quad biking injury? 

When considering whether you are eligible to make a claim, it would be helpful to seek legal advice. If you need further information on a quad bike incident, please click here.